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Jumat, 27 Maret 2020

Corona Virus Medication

 Exodus 23:25 But you must worship the Lord your God.  then He will bless the bread of your food and your drinking water and I will keep the disease from your midst.

 The number of countries infected with the Corona virus has reached 64 countries, including Indonesia.  The number of patients infected and countries infected from day to day experienced a surge.  Indonesia also has 19 patients infected with the corona virus.  This virus is so frightening because the length of the patient's life after being infected is not long and the antidote has not been found.  Remarkably, this virus makes the death rate for this virus high enough.  3,006 people died and 88,227 people were infected ( as of March 2, 2020)

 News of the outbreak of this deadly virus makes there is one big shock, especially the global economic shock.  This shock has an impact on people's welfare and prosperity.  In addition to shaking the economy, the corona virus outbreak is also shaking the faith of believers.  Those who respond with faith that everything can not be separated from God's observations, will certainly respond calmly and those who do not respond with faith will certainly fear, anxiety and worry will become the color in their lives.  This can be seen because of fear so that what is happening right now there are many people who have started to collect food and medical needs such as masks.  Now the mask has been very step and expensive on the matter before there was a corona virus. This mask was cheap and easy to find, but because of the outbreak of this corona virus, this item had begun to be difficult to find, and even then with prices that were no longer normal.  This is starting to happen because there are many who respond to world development namely the epidemic of the corona virus not by faith.

 The development of this corona virus as a believer in the Lord Jesus does not need to be responded with fear.  Because human life, everything is regulated by God, including death.  And every human being will not escape death.  This means that all humans will experience death only a decisive time.  Only the problem is whether we are facing death.  And those who have faith are those who are ready to face death.  Because death is not the end of life but the beginning of human life.  Because after death there is eternal life but now life is not eternal.  From dust back to dust, God also created God to take.

 People who do not have faith are definitely not ready to face death.  Why is that because their hearts are still heavy leaving the world.  The world is so good, beautiful but so sick.  But Heaven is more delicious, more beautiful than the world and there is no pain and tears.  Death is the entrance to real human life.  The world is only a temporary deposit or school of life to determine whether we enter heaven or hell.  Behind death is eternal life but eternal life has two places, namely;  heaven and hell.  The choice to enter both places when we were in this world, because after death there is no such thing as repentance.  Heaven is a place of people who have faith in Jesus Christ there is a place so beautiful, calm.  Even the Word of God says there are no tears.  But in hell there is a blaze that is hot and never goes out and maggots that never die.  Fire will burn human bodies that do not have faith in Jesus Christ and maggots will perforate our entire body every day.  And this happens every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every month, every year.  Do not know day and night, no time limit, no age limit.  The torment lasts forever because it is called eternal and will not die.

Instead in Heaven will experience peace, tranquility and beauty without pain, without tears, without sweat that is sure to live eternal life with the Lord Jesus without suffering.  That is a picture of the place of humans after death.  All that remains is the human response to the problem of the end of this age with the deadly corona virus outbreak.

 Therefore people who have strong, strong, pure faith qualities will not be intimidated by the corona virus.  Why is that?  Let's look at the answer.

 1. Because believers have a God who is greater than the corona virus (1 Samuel 17:45)

 2. Believers do not see problems but God is Great.

 3. Believers never have fear in the name of death, suffering.

 4. Believers believe that God will not allow and forsake those who rely on Him (Hebrews 13: 5)

 5. Believers have faith that God is a helper (Hebrews 13: 6)

 6. Believers feel God's inclusion is always there (Matthew 28 20)

 7. Believers feel that God is the guardian of life (Psalm 121: 5-7)

 8. Believers will be saved from hardship (Psalm 11: 8)

 9. Believers will surely have the fear of God so as to avoid the snares of death (Psalm 14:27.

 1 John 5: 4 For all who are born of God overcome the world.  And this is the victory that has overcome the world;  our faith.

 See events in the land of Egypt during Moses' time.  How did the plagues of Egypt plague 10 there were even six plagues of the "Bara" virus (Exodus 9: 8).  In this incident God plagued all Egyptians with embers.  Embers in the book of Leviticus 13:18 if he does not recover he will become a leprosy.  And at that time leprosy was a disease that had no cure so.  This punishment is for Egypt because this country did not know God and did not allow the Israelites out of Egypt to go to worship the true God.  Now the corona virus but era was a virus where the skin would blister and blister so that when it breaks then the skin will peel off and feel extreme pain.  In God's Word Leviticus 13:18 this disease will become leprosy.  And you can imagine.

 Egypt at that time was an epidemic of coal disease so that all of the Egyptian soil was infected with embers.  Embers in that era was a deadly disease just like the virus that swept the world today.  All of Egypt is affected by this disease but there is one place in Egypt that is not infected with this virus.  The land was Goshen, this land which the previous pharaoh king gave to the Hebrews of Joseph to be inhabited.  All Hebrews lived in the land of Goshen, but this place was not infected with an epidemic of embers.  Though the Hebrews often went in and out of Egyptian homes, they worked there, they came into contact with the egyptians who at that time were hit by the Bara virus outbreak.  But no Hebrew was infected with the deadly virus.  The question is why the Hebrews were immune to the coal virus because even though they socialized life with the Egyptians, they were immune to this epidemic.  The answer is because they have faith in God Almighty so they are in God's protection.  God protected the Hebrews because they had faith and worshiped the true God.  It is this faith that makes God keep them away from the plague of "Bara" disease.

 In God's Word Exodus 23:25 But you must worship the Lord your God;  then He will bless the bread of your food and your drinking water and I will keep the disease from your midst.

 But without faith it is impossible for people to please God.  For whoever turns to God must believe that God exists, and that God rewards those who truly seek Him.

 God made them immune to this plague because it was God who kept this plague away from them.  Because they have a God that is far greater than embers.  God kept them away from the plague because the Hebrews worshiped Him.  The medicine to ward off the corona virus is that if we study the Word of God (Exodus 23:25) then our worship and prayers are the antidote to the corona virus.  The world has gripped the plague here and there, the corona virus is not finished yet there is another new virus emerging.  Even plagues like the plagues of the eighth era of Moses began to emerge where the emergence of locusts invasion in various countries.  God's corona virus allows God's purpose as a warning so that more people worship Him (worship Him) and pray more.

 Until now there is no antidote to cure patients infected with the corona virus.  But there are many who recover, yes maybe when they are at a weak point of strength there are prayers that they raise, or also when isolated away from their families remember there is God.  And their faith began to emerge that God exists and God could heal them.  When they are not there to accompany them they can worship even in a state of sleep, infused with God.  Human nature when he is unable to think of God, but when he is able to, God is forgotten.  This virus is very deadly and there is no cure for it like the Bara disease that God transmitted to the Egyptians but because of the worship of the Hebrews God made them protect and keep away from the Bara disease virus.  When we have worship and prayer in our lives, God will make it into the land of Goshen, God, the land that is immune to viruses, the land that is immune to plagues.

 God's Word 1 John 5: 4 For all who are born of God overcome the world.  And this is the victory that has overcome the world;  our faith.

 Worship and prayer are part of our faith in God and this is a remedy to ward off the Covid-19 or Corona virus.  The Hebrews God keep away from the virus, make the disease of Bara and we will keep away from all illnesses including the Covid-19 virus provided we have faith and worship and always pray to God.  Faith in God is the antidote for the Corona virus.

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