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Minggu, 22 Maret 2020


The end-time church has begun to lose God's mission to seek, reach and save

the soul. The end-time church today is more oriented to the development of the

grandeur of the church building and the development of individual servants of

God and began to override the development of the church body, namely; Seek,

Reach and Save the Soul. The number of souls that have not been reached in

various places by the gospel of Christ such as in villages, hamlets and remote

interior, there are even cities and countries that still reject the gospel of Christ.

And God wants those who have been saved to take part in God's mission and be

implemented in the ministry.

This is what makes the basis of the Gods Mission Boanerges which is a mission

institution to be born, move forward and move with the Spirit of God to Seek,

Reach and Save the Soul. Life is everything from God, so this life must be

returned to the glory of God and not returned to the glory of personality. The

main task of the Church both organizationally as well as the Church as a body

(personality) according to God's Word (Matthew 28:19) is to Seek, Reach and

Save the Soul. Starting to shift God's mission in the middle of the church is the

reason why ministry is very difficult to develop. Because what appears is not the

glory of God but the glory of his personality.

3 (three) movements of God’s Mission Boanerges:

1. LOOKING. The search phrase has a dynamic essence rather than a static.

The church must be dynamic. This means that the church is not silent but moves

outside. Church service is not enough to just stay silent in pastoring but a strong

church service is that it moves to look for the lost and look for the lost. Therefore

a great church is a strong church looking for souls. When humans (Adam and

Eve) sinned God was not silent but He took the initiative to look for Adan and

Eve. This is also what the Lord Jesus did for human redemption. Those who

move are not looking for humans but God through the body of Christ to be

offered as a sacrifice for the sins of the world (John 1:29). Therefore, this

SEARCH phrase, God wants us to use in developing ministry in the Lord's


2. REACH. Reaching has the sense of moving out from one place to another.

And those places are like; Villages, Hamlets, Hinterlands and Cities and

countries that are still closing receive the gospel message. The church is not

static but must be dynamic. This means that the church should not be silent in

the grandeur of its buildings, in its doctrine, in its programs. But the Church must

move out of those zones and go out to reach lost and lost souls. The meaning of

soul reach here has to go out or another connotation is to go pick up the ball. Do

the same thing God did for humans. God has the initiative to pick up a ball for

people who sin against Him. There are still many places and regions and

countries that have not been touched by the gospel of Christ or there are places

that need to be reached with the gospel so that they get strength, comfort from

God. Like those who are sick, those who are troubled, those who are in prison

and even those who are needy. It is the duty of the church to go out of their

reach to save their souls.

3. SAVE. This sentence has understanding; there is action, there is response.

Believers must have a response to God's Word. God came to save us sinners,

so we must have a response to save others who are lost and who are lost. Don't

be the recipient of one telenta in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:18). The

salvation he received had no effect. Do not redeem the Lord Jesus for us there

is no impact that we produce for the Kingdom of Heaven. God wants the church

to move dynamically to reach souls in prisons, hospitals, street children, rubbish

bins or in other words places that are marginalized civilization of human life. God

wants the Church to go there because they need true comfort from God. They

need the gospel of Christ so they can enter into God's plans and desires.

A great church is a church that has missionary service. Restore the mission of

God that began to disappear in the ministry of let us LOOK, REACH AND SAVE

THE SOUL and lower for the glory of God.

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