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Jumat, 27 Maret 2020


 Romans 8:28

 We know now that God also works in all things to bring good to those who love Him, that is, those who are called according to God's plan.

 Hearing the title of this paper will certainly make us confused.  Now almost all countries in the world have been infected with the Covid-19 virus.  This virus has claimed tens of thousands of lives and infected hundreds of thousands.  This is what makes countries take lockdown steps so that the activities of a country are paralyzed.  The purpose of the lockdown is to break the chain of the spread of Covid-19 Virus.  This virus has destroyed the world economy, the stock market plummeted, the currency exchange rate weakened the level of national income and even people's income dropped dramatically. 

To be sure the Covid-19 Virus has created a prison for humans.  Because Covid has made governments in countries implement Social Distancing.  Where humans must isolate themselves at home and not leave the house.  Covid-19 is a terrible plague in human history.  From what is currently sweeping the world as a result of the fury of the Covid-19 Virus, there must be questions about the title of this paper, Covid-19's Positive Impact.  Is there a positive impact from Covid-19 after so many were destroyed by the rage of this virus.  The answer, let's look at the review article below:

 1. Social Impact.

 A. Closing Night Spots

 Plague on Covid-19 makes fear leave the house.  Because the spread of this virus is very short and easy and cold-blooded killer.  In addition there are government appeals and prohibitions in countries that do lockdown also because of the extraordinary fear that makes people afraid to make contact with others.  So they chose to isolate themselves at home.  Cities and towns and areas that have nightclubs close because there are no visitors.  Obviously only Covid-19 made Pup, Discotheque, Karouke and nightclubs closed.  Whereas previously there was Covid Virus-19 entertainment places like this were very difficult to close.  Even though there have been recommendations from religious leaders urging the local government to close that place of entertainment but there are many who are not able to close the place of entertainment because it is backed up by influential people.  See now is there another place for nightlife that is open.  Las Vega is one of the largest cities in the world, this city is known as the city of gambling.  This city is the center of world championship and in fact the city has never been closed but with the outbreak of Covid-19 this gambling city must be closed.

 B. Start Learning to Live Healthy

 Covid-19 makes humans have to actively do a healthy way of life.  Like diligently washing hands, exercising diligently, diligently basking in the sun in the morning.  Diligently consume vitamins;  like vitamins C and E and other vitamins.

 C. Decreased Accident Rate

 Covid-19 makes people have to stay a lot at home so that there is a decrease in activity on the streets.  The risk of accidents is common because there is too much activity on the streets.  Covid 19 makes the streets quiet and quiet.

 D. Decreased Crime.

 The crime rate decreases because the opportunity to commit crime no longer exists.  People get scared doing activities outside the home because of the ferocious spread of this virus.  So the object by the perpetrators does not exist because they isolate themselves at home and the perpetrators also have a fear of the effects of this virus.  And there are also those who have already strengthened and repented because of this vicious virus.

 2. Spiritual Impact

 A. Diligent Worship and Pray

 Recent events have made humans worship and pray more even if only in homes.  One of human nature when there is severe difficulty, humans remember God.  Covid-19 virus makes fear always haunt and terrorize human life, so humans feel that nothing can help them but God.  Outbreaks of this virus because so far humans have not found a cure.  This makes human consciousness turns out to be only God who is able to stop this virus.  God allows this virus so that humans more creativity at home.  This means that God has a lot of time for humans, God does not want that human busyness is a reason for humans to not have time with God.  Now Covid-19 makes humans have a lot of time so there is no reason not to seek God.  God allowed Covid-19 to terrorize people so that people would stay at home with the purpose of worshiping and praying to Him and building a relationship with Him.  Yes, maybe before the virus became epidemic, we were just a super busy person, even praying that there was no time to eat, let alone going to worship.  Finally God feels that the human relationship with Him the Owner of life does not exist because there is no prayer and worship praise.  God's longing for this relationship which began to crack due to the busyness of the people of God must use the method as the current conditions.  Namely humans stay in the house for a long time to worship Him without being seen by anyone, without anyone knowing.  The development of many infected patients who recovered but many also died.  Experts argue that this virus can heal itself from the pattern of human life.  Believe that even without drugs, this virus will pass away, when humans improve their relationship with God, this virus will disappear.  Look at the country of China that we know as a communist country.  With Covid-19, this country can get to know God.  Even the President of this country no longer bans the gospels from being preached.  The Chinese president's daughter had on one occasion sang praise to God in the form of a hymn.  Finally Corona Covid-19 changed this country to know God.  Sometimes God must use sick methods to educate us human beings to know Him and change the way we live (Titus 2:12)

 B. Household Recovery

 One of God's purposes by allowing Covid-19 to run rampant so that many people stay at home with the aim of restoring a household that is no longer getting along.  Human profession and busyness makes humans must not have time with family.  So that not a few households were destroyed, divorced, children are in promiscuity all because there is no time for married couples to be at home.  Covid-19 made the family gather intimately at home, greeting each other, staring at each other so that the husband and wife who had begun to get along well, not getting along, there was no warning, they started to harmonize again.

By. Boanerges

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