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Selasa, 10 Maret 2020


 Titus 2:12 He teaches us that we renounce wickedness and worldly desires and that we live wisely, fairly and worshipfully in today's world.

Every human being must be confronted with suffering, whether he officials, small people, rich people, poor people, people living in God and people living outside God.  There will definitely be questions about that suffering.  But the most difficult are the questions of people who live in God when the struggle hits and often the questions will be like this:

 a.  Why does it have to happen to me

 b.  Am I not serving thee Lord

 c.  Am I not a child of God

 d.  I was always at church

 e.  Didn't I always tithe

 f.  Didn't I never go to discotheque, don't drink alcohol

 Questions like this that often arise when people who are always in the church, always following God, always serving God experience suffering.  They think that following God all is smooth, praying smoothly in God's answer.  They do not understand that suffering does not recognize anyone, both the children of the world and the children of God if allowed by God to happen.  Surely we are confused why God allowed me to be God's child.  The answer to this question will be found later in this paper.  The response of the children of God to suffering there are those who begin to waver, worry, and some begin to despair.  This happened because they did not know the purpose of God in allowing suffering to occur.  They only think that blessings that only speak that are pleasing to the heart but that that do not please the heart are not blessings.  Suffering is part of blessing, because suffering is the seed of blessings to be reaped later.


 Whatever the problem, God wants us to understand that it does not mean what he struggled with. God does not know, or He is leaving you.  Don't you know that what you are struggling with is the problem of your illness, which is not cured, household problems, economic problems, children's problems, service problems, business problems, problems with colleagues.  The pain that arises from these problems is God who is our Father in Heaven besides He knows but He shares what we experience.  We feel pain He also feels pain, because He is our Father.  The one who adopts us as children is not what we want, but God's initiative or desire.  God's love is so great for humans that He wants us to call him Our Father in Heaven (Matthew 6: 9).

 Remember He is the All-knowing God, even to the hair on our heads He knows the number of strands of our hair.  Moreover, only our problem.  But the question;  why God does not help.  In God's heart, he wants to pick up sickness or other struggles today.  But He can't do that because there is the glory and omnipotence of God that we want to enjoy.  In this contemplation we will understand what God's intention is by allowing the struggles in life, especially those who say I am your servant, I serve you even for many years, I am always in church, I always tithe, I always do what  said the word of God.  But why does this struggle not stop in life or why this struggle comes to me.  Let's see below the answer.


 He longs for our intimacy relationship as children and Father.  Maybe you can say I am your servant, I have served you even for years, I am always in church, I always tithe, I'm not a bad person.  But speaking of the intimacy relationship He found no intimacy relationship between the Father and son.  Maybe what was discovered was a habitual relationship.  Oh I am a servant of God, oh I am a servant of God, oh I will give tithe at the beginning of the month, oh I must do good so they behave well on me.  All that I do because it is our habit as children of God.  Finally the relationship was built on the basis of habits.  When talking about habits, only that and only in certain places or times and not intense.  If the intimacy relationship does not know the place or time, still build a relationship with our Father in Heaven.  And the desired intimacy relationship is;  Intense love filled with love.  People who already feel dating will surely understand the feeling of affection.  Feelings of affection that speak feelings of longing.  If you are dating, you will always remember your boyfriend, and he wants to meet you soon, full of love.  Now this is the intimacy that God wants in life.  And only those who are in an intimacy relationship will endure suffering, and will come out victorious, because he understands God's will.  And also only those who are in an intimacy relationship will be with God especially if the day of the Lord arrives.


 God wants to go through the process of life must learn a lot of introspection of behavior and reflect on what has ever been done, when finding the wrong thing should be immediately corrected in God's sight.  Because those who know the ins and outs of life are not only God who knows, oneself often forgets what has been done.  People who are always in the church, serving Him, doing a lot of good things do not necessarily make mistakes.  Remember we are only human whose name mistakes often occur in life.  God's purpose with the process of life is that the mistakes that have been made are corrected.  Therefore suffering is a SCHOOL OF LIFE.

 3. TEST

 The level of gold will be seen if more tested again in the gold melting kitchen.  The more burned the more visible noble levels in gold.  This is so in human life but the medium that God uses is suffering (1 Peter 1: 6).  Try to see a nail that is getting straighter the more pressed and the hammer is getting stronger the more pressing the nail, so that this nail can enter into the wood so that the nail is useful.  But the nails that are bent when hammered will be pulled out and not used even thrown because they are not useful.

 The kingdom of heaven needs not only someone who can, but he is also useful and influential.  Now many Christians can go to church, can serve God but God needs not just being able but useful.  If only it could be it would only become a habit.  Now these elements of habits are often God must use suffering to melt the habit in the character of life, so that we can have perfect faith in God's sight.

 Whatever is experienced do not make the spirit lose in God, make what is experienced precisely as encouragement in God.  Because God wants us to give this life to the glory of God in the midst of our downturn, in the midst of our illness, in the midst of our struggle.  Because that's where our worship has sincerity.  God does not promise that the sky is always blue, the road is always flat, the clouds are always bright, but what He promised is God's inclusion.  Keep the spirit in God and Jesus bless you.

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